Tuesday, November 15, 2011

JASNA's October Regency Dinner is a Culinary Sensation!

Nineteen Middle Tennessee JASNA members participated in a sumptuous Regency "feast" on the evening of October 22 at the home of local members, Phil and Jo Ann Staples.  All those who attended, made part of this elegant meal.  As participants arrived, they were treated to a powerpoint display of photos taken at JASNA's 2012 AGM projected on  the Staples' flat-screen television.  For those Middle Tennessee JASNA members who were unable to attend the AGM in Ft. Worth, these photos provided a glimpse into all the scholarship and fun and Texas hospitality which marked this large (more than  600  people) gathering.

Before dinner was served, diners gazed at elegant menus made by Caroline Davis, heard Regency-era music via Phil Staples sound system as well as heard an oral explanation by JoAnn about each course. Every dish was carefully adapted by Jo Ann from a recipe found in a Regency period cookbook. From "soup to nuts," this was an unforgettable meal for all!
(l to r)  Jo Anne Staples, Yvonne Boyer, Roberta
Maguire, Carmen Gherman, Mildred Tilley
and Sharon Hogge look forward to being served!

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