Friday, December 20, 2013

Darcy is an INTJ. Who Knew??

JASNA member Caroline Davis

Middle Tennessee JASNA members celebrated Jane Austen's December birthday "in holiday style" at the beautifully decorated home of Carmen Gherman.  Following champagne toasts to Miss Austen, Mr. Darcy, Collin Firth's wet T-shirt, etc., those present were dazzled by an exceptionally creative and well-researched program, "The Darcy Dossier" by Caroline Davis.  In "The Darcy Dossier," Caroline explained in detail why such a quiet and at times, "off-putting," character has become one of the most "irresistible" leading men in English literature.  Described by Caroline as a character with a rather "modern personality," Darcy is seen by many readers as open and honest, sincere--not charming, not a "playa or a "houndog", but as a good listener who is a courteous gentleman. Moreover, he knows how to apologize and demonstrates humility and willingness to change.  Caroline also pegged Darcy in Myers-Briggs parlance as an INTJ or as Introverted, Perceptive, Thinking and Judging.  The group heard much about his personality traits and even learned some jobs for which he was most ill-suited:  elementary teacher, dental hygienist and sales clerk!!  Who knew??

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