Monday, September 2, 2013

VULTURE.COM Ranks Jane Austen Movies-What a Hoot!

Jane Austen's novels are so rich in plot, characterization, dialogue and humor that they have been a treasure trove for screen writers., a web site devoted to "devouring current culture" recently featured an article by Sarah Seltzer that ranks 21 Austen-related films. This list is purely personal, but is VERY funny. Here is what Ms. Seltzer says about "Becoming Jane" (2007),

A liberty-taking biopic, it commits the travesty of suggesting that Austen’s work was inspired by a man who trifled with her affections, fed her her cleverest lines, and then left her alone so she could marry her work. But it’s also a travesty because, well, we know Jane Austen. And Anne Hathaway, you are no Jane Austen.

For more of Ms. Seltzer's wit, click the link under the photo above.

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