Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stephanie Barron Writes Another Wonderful Jane Austen Mystery

As a mystery lover as well as a Janeite, I have enjoyed Stephanie Barron's mystery series featuring Jane Austen as an 18th century sleuth for a number of years.  Barron's premise that Austen would have been an exceptional "detective"  because of her uncanny attention to detail and deep understanding of human nature, plays out very well in the entire Jane Austen mystery series.  Moreover, Barron manages to weave into her novels direct quotations from Austen's novels which "melt" the line between Austen the narrator of Pride and Prejudice and the character of Jane Austen in Barron's series.
Jane and the Cantebury Tale is the latest addition to Barron's series; it definitely does not disappoint!  Epigrams from Chaucer's Cantebury Tales mark each chapter in this novel about a mysterious murder which Jane and her brother, Edward, join forces to solve.  Many details about court procedure and 19th century English laws add to the verisimilitude of Jane and the Cantebury Tale.  I highly recommend it.  ---Mildred Tilley (Middle TN JASNA member)

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