Monday, May 24, 2010

Recent Literary Mashups: The Zombification of Pride and Prejudice

On May 16 members of the Middle TN JASNA group were introduced to the fairly recent phenomenon of literary mashups, specifically ones that parody some of Jane Austen's novels. The term "mashup" was discussed along with a discussion concerning the pros and cons of this genre. Mildred Tilley the discussion leader for this talk along with most of the JASNA members who were present, were definitely not enamored of this "new" genre!

Jane Austen Mashup Links:
Jane Bites Back Website
The Battle for Jane Austen by Laura Miller in SALON
Dawn of the Dreadfuls Press Release
Mansfield Park and Mummies Author Interview
Maureen Cavanaugh Interviews Dr. Linda Troost about Jane Austen Mashups (Really a Fine Interview!)
"Marvel" Gives Austen Fans Another Serving

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